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The sequel to the Search for Cern has finally been released as The Secrets of Cern.  It is now available on Amazon for Kindle.  Details below.

The Search for Cern


Imagine a world where electricity is banned; not just in the home but in factories, offices and even hospitals.  How would we live without electric light, transport or communications?  This book is set a hundred years after that Great Event, where society has evolved into a kind of Victorian steam driven era.  A ‘second age of steam’ where even trying to understand the mythical electronic technology of the past is fraught with danger.

When a mysterious force destroys an experimental generator, it starts a chain of events that will see Professor Henry Coombs leave the safe confines of his university and embark on a dangerous, life changing journey.  Aided and guided by the enigmatic Lady Grey, a woman with an unfathomable past, he searches for answers that may only be found at Cern; the fabled centre of knowledge believed to have been devastated when electricity was banned.  On this quest Henry gathers together a group of friends, all committed to discover the truth about the Great Event.  It’s a quest that will take them across the Swiss Alps and expose them to the fatal threat of the Luddites.

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A romping good read. I'm new to the world of Steam Punk, and can honestly say, this is a wonderful introduction to an immersive new universe. The sense of malice and dread, as our heroes are pursued, by clandestine, shadowy figures is palpable. The richness and vitality of the characters and locations draws you in, and the intrigue of the plots central quest for answers, both figurative, and literal, make this a difficult book to put down. My only quibble is that I now have to wait for the sequel, before I can continue this marvellous journey. Bravo!

J.R. White - Amazon review

The Search for Cern marked my first foray into the steampunk genre, and I have to say right off, it set a terrific precedence.

. . . . . .

All in all, it was a wonderful story that I would highly recommend. I would be very interested in future works from F A Baker with hopes that there is a direct sequel of The Search for Cern.

Chris Guillory - Goodreads review also Chris Guillory's web page.


The Secrets of Cern


Ten years after his previous adventure to discover the fantastical centre for science known as Cern, Henry Coombs is now a successful academic figure at Cambridge with the privilege of lecturing about the wonders of electricity to enthralled audiences but not everyone is happy with his new found fame. The Luddites are still hell bent on removing him from the scene, even if that means attacking an entire building to destroy him and his reputation.  To recover and escape their assassination attempts, Henry decides to make good on a promise to himself and return to Cern to discover what secrets it may hold.  It is a journey fraught with danger, intrigue and betrayal that threatens all of those who join him on this journey of discovery.
The Secrets of Cern is the long awaited sequel to the first book, The Search for Cern and part of the Second Age of Steam series. Set once again in a retro-future Victorian steampunk era where electricity is banned by alien overlords,  where humanity must rely on steam power, clockwork and, thanks to recent developments, diesel engines  Civilisation is once again recovering it's technological strength which brings its own problems with the threat of World War 3.

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